Monday, May 16, 2016

Connectedness. Isn't this what we've wanted all along?

I just started a book called "The Connected Educator" and a line jumped off the page at me as it pertains to our students.

"Their world encourages connectedness."

Funny thing--we as teachers...isn't this what we have wanted all along--even before technology pressed into the world of our students and allowed it to happen in spite of us? So what is the problem then? Why do some teachers seem to buck the use of technology if this is what we as teachers have been striving for all along--to connect our kids to the world? Is it happening too fast for us? Is it because our students naturally jumped on board and left us in the dust?

This connectedness has happened for our students--and because of this we're left with a monumental task--to harness their desire for connectedness and show them how to use it for good. To increase their knowledge about those things they are passionate about. To enlighten them when it comes to teaching content that initially, they had no real interest in at all.

Our kids are connected. It's time we teachers decide how connected we are willing to become...and not just to "keep up with them," but to allow them to connect to their learn...and grow...and make it a better place.