Monday, May 16, 2016

Getting Teachers On Board. Tech Use and Teacher Support

    So much technology, so little time. So where should our first step be as instructional coaches for technology be when it comes to getting teachers on board? I think it's pretty simple--just as our students need a great anticipatory hook at the beginning of each lesson--an emotional draw to make them genuinely care about what they are learning, teachers need this same things when it comes to seeing the relevance in using technology in their classrooms They must be 


     Feedback should be offered only once we get the ball rolling, There won't be any need for feedback until teachers are feeling vulnerable enough to give it a go without judgement. Professional development early on should come in the form of creating this inspiration. Some things to think about: 

  • Use PD to establish a "I'm learning, too" attitude. Make sure your teachers realize that it's okay to learn right along with their students. 
  • For PD--make sure your teachers have a variety of options from which to choose from, and that the options provide meaningful content for teachers at every level when it comes to technology use. 
  • Make sure teachers don't see the use of technology as an add on, but as a tool to help them individualize student learning and to understand that technology can provide them with valuable data on their students. 
  • Offering to do instructional rounds with teachers so that they can see how others are using technology in their classrooms can be very inspiring. Sometimes we need to get outside of our own little cocoon and see what others are doing to really open our eyes and be inspired to try something ourselves.
     So--just starting out with some great new tech initiative? Then give teachers reasons to love it. Show them all that they can achieve by using it. Make sure they understand what resources will be available to them to support them, and make them not only want to know more about it, but INSPIRE them to want to learn more...for themselves...but most importantly, for their students.