Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Be a Seeker

During the cold months we all become seekers. Animals are seeking a warm place to settle down until spring warms the air and food is easier to find. The Christmas story tells of two lowly people seeking shelter to birth a child. Shoppers are seeking for that just-right gift for a loved one.

Seeking takes time and deadlines put pressure on us often to find answers right away. The animals must find shelter before the air is too cold and the ground too hard to settle in to warmth and safety. Mary and Joseph, with birth imminent, had to seek and find an answer ON THE SPOT (something we teachers do all the time...we're amazing that way.)  Shopper must work around the obstacles of crowded aisles and crazy people, seekers just like them, with a deadline to find that perfect gift. 

As an educator--seeking is a big part of what we do all year long. We seek ways to connect with a struggling reader. We seek out resources to make a lesson meaningful that will connect a child to the greater his future. We seek out collegial relationships to grow ourselves through gleaning ideas from the experts around us. Every day. Every--single--day, we are seeking. 

This is a season of hope. Educators are always looking for what is around them to BE hopeful. A child's future. A new collegial relationship. A new plan to carry out an amazing lesson. It's what drives us forward.

Hang on to your hope, and may it spur you on to be a seeker. 

"We must be awash with hope."
~The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane